Monday, 2 April 2012

How To Make A Doodle

Here we share several ways to make a doodle. Actually there are many ways to create a simple doodle which is by using :

1) Pencil n paper--->  scan your doodle---> edit/colour by using Adobe Phostoshop

2) Draw using MS Paint---> Edit/colour using Adobe Photoshop---> font using (can also use Adobe Photoshop)

3) Draw, colour, edit using tablet.

4) Doodle online at RINDU OEKAKI, (link-->
    After register, you can doodle anything n it is free! 

You dont have any idea how to make a doodle??. These tutorial videos will help you :D






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Shima Yahya said...

susah lah gune photoshop , sy gune paint je , tapi tak lawa mcm photoshop . tak reti , singgah lah blog sy , then kritik sikit psl doodle tu . hihi .

AkuPunyeCerite said...

@Shima Yahyaa'a memang susah pon gna photoshop . sha just guna photoscape dgn gimp jer . simple lagii senang :D


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